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Note: New supply of books have arrived!

Pearls of Wisdom A Second Strand is our second edition in the Pearls of Wisdon series. It is a 215 page anthology of insights and wisdom from forty-seven authors from around the world.

Wisdom is knowledge with experience which has been distilled through the heart over time. To know about something is merely to be aware of its existence. To experience that something is to become personally intimate with it. Allowing that intimate knowledge to distill through the heart over time will extract the impurities of anger, fear, guilt, blame and prejudice. This process produces crystal clear drops of pure Spirit filled with the qualities of compassion, understanding, and acceptance. The authors in this anthology have undergone just such a process and bravely share their intimate drops of Spirit with you in the form of these Pearls of Wisdom.

For a look inside the book, including table of contents, introduction, sample story and biographical and contact information for the contributing authors, CLICK HERE.

Price: Listed $14.99 Now for sale $10.00 each first copy
(plus $1.99 shipping within contiguous USA)
Additional Gift copies available for $11 each, for holiday season only,
until supplies last. (Includes $1.00 for additional shipping cost)

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Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.* 
- Oliver Wendell Holmes 

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